• Authentic bourbon barrel head, with charred side up.  The dark charr makes a nice contrast with any snacks or hors d'oeuvres.  This tray also features hand wrought, steel handles. Surface treated with multiple coats of food safe butcher block oil. Customize with engraving on either side.  Please inquire for additional pricing of engraving.  
  • We've utilized our cultural heritage by combining two great traditions of Kentucky - bourbon & horses! This serving tray serves up snacks with style and makes for an interesting conversation piece to boot. Toasted side faces up to reveal some interesting details in the wood grain. Authentic horseshoes are bent to create graceful handles for an easy grab. Surface treated with food safe butcher block oil.  
  • Paying homage to the “The Principal's office”, this paddle demands your attention with it’s alternating holes and ergonomic handle. Fortunately, it serves up a completely different purpose. You can relax as you transport your samplers with this barrel stave beer flight. The oversized holes nest the fluted glasses nice and snug when walking, then re-center them perfectly as you set it back down. No more zen like focus needed to balance your brews.

    A shapely, smooth handle on one side is easy to grasp, with a quality leather chord to conveniently hang it up.

    Finished with satin poly for a smooth sheen that's easy to clean.

    *Four 5 oz sampler glasses included

  • Ink pens crafted from charred, white oak bourbon barrel staves. Available in a variety of styles, these refillable pens are a wonderful example of up-cycling all those scraps and cut-offs that would otherwise be burned in the woodshop stove! A barrel stave pen stand can also be added or customized for an additional charge. Please contact prior to purchasing for exact pricing on custom inquiries.  
  • This lovely napkin holder is a re-imagining of all the cutoffs and "scraps" that accumulate daily on the shop floor. During it's maturation in the aging warehouses, the barrel wood acquires some intriguing colors and variations.  These beautiful "scraps" have been milled into thin stock, glued up in tiny panels and joined together with eloquent finger joints. It's a simple product, with an awesome story. Holds a standard 5"x5" cocktail napkin. Finished with tung oil.
  • Authentic bourbon barrel stave with set of 4 Glencairn whiskey glasses.  In honor of the rich heritage and tradition that was born in Kentucky, I've added an engraved state logo....lest we all forget where the magic started. 

    Each stave is sanded down just enough to leave the original markings and aged patina that it acquired while stored in one of the many rickhouses that dot the landscape of the Bluegrass.  Multiple coats of satin finish for a lovely sheen.

    *4 Glencairn Whiskey Glasses included

  • Bourbon Flight with 4 Glencairn Whiskey glasses and a wooden bung in the center of the stave.  Choose the Kentucky state logo outline, or customize your whiskey flight with personalized txt, logo, etc. on the wooden bung.  Please inquire for pricing of customized engraving.

    *4 Glencairn Whiskey Glasses included

  • These "skinny" staves from the bourbon barrel provide just the right leverage for cracking open a bottle. The charred side is scraped and sealed, then overall it's sanded and smooth to the touch. The chrome hardware compliments those warm, rich tones that are so unique to barrel wood. Quality leather cord and a rare earth magnet embedded on the charred side keeps it hanging or sticking. Finished with wood conditioner & two coats of satin poly.
  • Lazy Suzy

    Show off your selection of spirits, or serve up some grub on this smooth Bourbon barrel head lazy Susan. Steel reinforcement under the head gives it extra strength. Foam bumpers added to the base for a lil' extra grip and to protect your table, countertops, etc. All surfaces coated with wood conditioner and multiple coats of satin polyurethane for an easy clean. Please specify if you'd like food grade safe butcher block oil instead of poly.  We'll be happy to switch that up.  
  • Two powerful rare earth magnets keep this sucker in place on your fridge, tailgate or any other metal surface when crackin' open your favorite brew. Don't worry about trying to catch the cap, it'll take care of that. Each bourbon barrel stave is finished with multiple coats of satin finish to bring out that gorgeous old patina of the white oak and enhance the charr on the back.  Add all that together with a cast iron bottle opener and you have a harmonious blend of form & function. Add a custom touch with personalized laser engraving at an additional charge.  Please inquire about engraving costs.  
  • Pre-finished bourbon barrel head, ready for signatures, monograms, laser engraving.....you name it! Available with distillery stamps and original markings, or sanded plain with some character and patina left. These have been planed, glued, clamped and sanded. Char residue under head scraped and a birch plywood circle (painted black) screwed to the back for a solid backing. Two coats of wood conditioner applied to seal the wood. *Add a hanger loop for free. Please specify  
  • Create your own bourbon barrel product with these plain, unfinished barrel heads. Enjoy the sweet scent of bourbon as you decide what to do with it. Be warned though, they're messy.  Charr still on the bottom of each head, along with original stamps/markings on top of head. Custom made shipping box can be re-used if your creating your own gift to give away!