About HBC

Located in the Bluegrass region of central Kentucky, Highbridge Barrel Co specializes in custom furniture and accessories made from used, bourbon whiskey barrels. Combining a unique blend of traditional and modern styles, each product is intuitively designed and handcrafted with close attention to the details, much like the principles of a fine bourbon. Whether it’s hand-forged hardware, re-claimed lumber or an oil rubbed finish, we strive to make the craftsmanship evident in every product created, big or small. 


A Proud Bourbon Legacy

The time-honored tradition of bourbon making is an inherent part of the culture here in Kentucky. In fact, the number of bourbon barrels aging inside the state exceed that of the actual population. Though traditionally it had many uses, the iconic wooden barrel has become recognized around the world as a symbol of craftsmanship and excellence in the art of distilling and aging. The rugged beauty and subtle elegance of American white oak bourbon barrels have inspired us to create works that celebrate our local heritage. Through each hand-crafted item, our mission is to reflect that rich tradition and pass on a small piece of the legacy that is distinctly and uniquely American.


Bradley Cochran    Owner/Maker of Things


My goal as craftsman is to not only provide you with a unique product of exceptional quality, but that your buying experience would also be personalized and enjoyable. A good working craftsman/customer relationship is paramount, with communication at the forefront. I strive to offer a service with a friendly, down-to-earth tone that gives you the opportunity to interact with me freely and inquire about details or discuss questions you may have. Although it’s often more convenient to purchase mass produced furniture from your local big box store, it can never replace the quality and experience of buying handmade products, straight from the source.


Highbridge, Ky.

Besides bourbon, central Kentucky is renowned for it’s expertly manicured thoroughbred farms, burley tobacco cash crops and the charming backroads that travel through picturesque towns and landscapes. 

Wander down one of the many country roads lined with stacked stone fences and you might stumble upon the quaint communities of Wilmore & Highbridge as it “dead ends” into the beautiful Kentucky River.

Located just 8 miles from the first permanent settlement In Kentucky, Highbridge is aptly named for the iconic landmark that made it the cultural epicenter of the entire bluegrass region in the late 19th century.

Opened in 1877, it spans the towering walls of the Kentucky River Palisades at a height of 308 feet and 1,125 feet long.  Highbridge was at one point the tallest railroad bridge in the world and still remains the highest railroad bridge over a navigable waterway in the U.S. 

It’s fame reached far & wide with visitors arriving by train or horse & buggy to marvel at the civil engineering feat, with notables like President Hayes and General William Tecumseh Sherman attending it’s opening ceremony. In addition to the bridge as a tourist attraction, it was also an old haunt of Daniel Boone where remnants of his cabin stood nearby above the river. To this day, dances and events are still held at the Historic Higbridge Park where there is a restored, Victorian style open air pavilion.

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